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Ski lifts in Zakopane

Zakopane has a very well structured and equipped for skiing. It is not only about hardware shops, well prepared and maintained pistes, but also a large number of lifts in operation at all times and queue line so you get to the bottom of the slope to the summit takes literally a minute.
Extracts in Zakopane fit virtually every lesser and greater slope. At the smallest are often structures his own works, but the busiest is used professionally and with high efficiency equipment - all for the convenience of users and skiers.
One of the most popular ski is definitely the Funicular to Gubałówka. Thanks to over a kilometer route can be traveled in less than four minutes. One of the longest rail route is linear but at this Kasprowy Peak. Entry takes twenty minutes, during which time we overcome the nearly five miles. After getting to the top, we are able to exit downhill with a length of six miles, so you enter at the top!
In addition, each track has its own smaller chairlifts and lifts. The most developed resorts in Zakopane can guarantee their own, small slopes and lifts for the convenience of narciarzyWyciągi skiing in Zakopane.

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